So you recently took up running… what now?

I can not begin to explain how excited I am that we have at least a rough timeline for when we might emerge from our same four walls we surround ourselves with. I do have to admit, I have no idea what my social skills are going to be like when I actually have to put them to the test.

My partner and I have a lovely little flat in East London and we feel lucky to have each other but we’ve been like two children at times (all in the fun kind of way). One thing that didn’t change for me was my ability to run which saved me through these times, as I know it has done for many. Lacing up and getting out there has become such a norm with so many people identifying as ‘runners’ because lets face it, anyone who gets out there is a runner and we love it. Yet, I can’t be the only one starting to think about what the post lockdown world might look like for the fitness scene and I am sure you aren’t either if you are reading this. You might be worried about slipping into your old routine and be considering how you might keep up all the work you put in recently. Fear not, it is normal to worry but easy to keep up as well.

The hardest bit is getting out there, that first step out of the door. As you have overcome that time and time and again, you are more likely to keep up your exercise once things open up again. Not only is your mind used to it but your body is as well, muscle memory can serve you well. Times when your mind doesn’t feel it, switch off, go and whack a podcast on and let your body do what it knows best.

I also don’t believe the gigantic wave that is known as the wellness industry is going away anytime soon which is music to my ears. The pandemic accelerated a force that was already coming your way. I certainly (and I know many others too) will look to take a little more care of our precious mind and body when those pub doors open in full swing. I would write down the lifestyle you want to have now, I do this infrequently to check in with myself and if your answer is one of having energy, feeling strong as well as staying connected with loved ones then there is your balancing act you have ahead of you.

Basically, we have got this. Write a vision of the life you want to lead and stick to your guns. I think everyone is in a similar mindset now. Life is about balance and we want the combination of rewards exercise brings and the feeling of connection with friends and family. Life is for living, have both sides and remember the why, remember how exercising makes you feel and it’s easy to fit it in around a busy life if you plan ahead.

Keep moving,