My first running festival

Considering that I didn’t know running clubs were a ‘thing’ until the end of last year, you can imagine that my mind was blown by the idea of a running FESTIVAL? Oops I just accidentally typed RESTIVAL but changed it quickly as it is a terrible pun.

Was it exactly what I hoped it was going to be? To be fair, yes it was! Although what it doesn’t say on the tin is the views are incredible, the community of people are extremely friendly and the yoga was insanely relaxing and I nearly feel asleep. No really… we aimed to connect with our mind, however yours truly didn’t quite get the vibe and bought her camera for the sick time-lapse. I tell you now, NOT THE VIBE. After 5 minutes I put it away as those death stares weren’t worth the time-lapse after all.

Let’s get to the fun stuff, we arrived Friday evening after a long drive (accidently ended up going through central London) and set up our tent. Turns out we had the largest tent of the whole festival for the two tiniest humans there. It was great if you ask me. The first evening was a guided night run. Now let’s get it out there, I had never done a night run and I am the clumsiest person in the world  universe so I was amazed I stayed on my feet. Take one guess as to who was the only person in the entire group of runners that had forgotten their head torch, oh that’s me. It was a great experience none the less and it set the scene for the weekend ahead. I think there was yoga Saturday morning, but I couldn’t move from my sleeping bag that early after a long week of work, so we stayed snug in our tent mansion.

Morgan and I set out on the trails late morning and it was my first experience of trail running – safe to say I am hooked for life. The views were amazing, we got lost often and we didn’t care. I felt a sense of adventure I don’t get on the city streets. When we returned to camp, we made stir fry on our little gas cooker, dressed up (hoodies but nice hair and make-up) and listened to live music past sun set.

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and learnt that you can never have too much food when out on the trails. Be wary that the sun makes you more tired than you think without any shade and always pack a headtorch. I even won the social media competition for best content across the weekend – yay! I would recommend Love Trails to anyone and even if it isn’t for a festival, get out on the trails if you can for a great challenge.

Keep Moving,