Surfing my way around Cornwall

It’s kind of like surfing the internet but in a car and there was rather a lot of it. I guess that tends to happen if you put Seaton Down into the satnav instead of Seaton and when Cornwall becomes Devon, you then realise you have travelled 3 hours in the wrong direction. But is it really a holiday without this? Probably not… buuuut anyway this blog focuses on the incredible waves of the Cornish coastline. I had a week there recently and boy was it beautiful.

The trip consisted of driving down the North Coast because it’s my favourite, duh. The route was: Bere Alston (near my parents), Calstock, Tintagel Castle, Port Isaac, Bodmin, a camel trail cycle to Wadebridge, Perranporth, St Ives and just Seaton Down on the way back up.

I grew up in Cornwall so I’m used to roads like rollercoasters… HOWEVER my partner wasn’t and we did a lot of running there. FYI don’t go and sprint up a vertical hill if you physically can’t see the top. That just doesn’t end well for anyone. I especially got a stitch from that one when I couldn’t stop laughing.

Top tips that help me when I am travelling have always been 1. balance and 2. research (lots of it). Google hasn’t been the most reliable source through the pandemic so you can imagine how that went at times, especially when you try to sneak visitors into your no-visitor campsite. Don’t try that one at home. The days were mixed with a special blend of one fun QT activity (amount as required), one social occasion (an evening recommended) & a pinch of chill time. A winning recipe.

First half of the trip was lots of sighting seeing and the sporty activities began in Perranporth which included my boyfriend’s first surfing experience. I know, you would have expected he might be the one to make a few mistakes however that is not how this tale goes. Yours truly here, a lover of surfing I may be, but clumsy I may be more-so and I swear that child came out of nowhere. Having to look towards shore and at the gigantic wave racing at me, I tend to prioritise the wave. I had the best time in the water, I just may have tapped (slightly) a few people with my board but no children were harmed in the making of this experience.

When we moved on to St Ives, it was very very busy but I had gone on holiday there most years as a kid. The days felt like they lasted forever and the sunsets were picturesque. I varied our accommodation so the list had already included a hut, sea view B&B and tent. St Ive’s was a Shepard’s hut (see below) where we had access to a hot tub and so was a balance of nature and comfort. I only wanted one thing in St Ives which was fresh crab linguine, easy to please eh and I wasn’t disappointed. After St Ives we headed back up to make a quick final stop in Seaton before we finished up.

The final day was somewhat pivotal as that evening I looked out at the waves sat outside our Inn on the Shore . That was the moment I thought of the name carlamoves and it felt so right I bought the domain website there and then. Just like the waves, it completely fitted my mantra of no matter your ability, get out and just move. The rest always follows, the skill comes but the attitude is the number one thing. Always.

Keep moving,

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